LinearDex Evolution

About LinearDex

LinearDex is a forerunner decentralized exchange built on Base. The primary mission of LinearDex is to provide industry standard user-friendly trading hub with extremely low fees, deep liquidity and juicy incentives through farming and staking, ensuring the platform becomes the go to Dex on Base for both degens and institutional investors.

Our vision.

  1. To become the leading trading hub on Base by providing extremely low fees and deep liquidity making slippage nonexistent.

  2. To deliver unmatched user-friendly interface that will make LinearDex a delight for traders.

  3. Incentivize our loyal users with the juiciest reward obtainable on a decentralized platform through sustainable high APR staking and farming structures.

  4. Build the base and standard to onboard innovative Dapps on Base and facilitate a healthy and bullish ecosystem.

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